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Basketball Coach x Travel Ninja x Sneaker Head

My name is Mark Dandan. I am a basketball coach by trade (for the UP Fighting Maroons), but I am also a travel junkie by fault. My passion for sports is only rivaled by my insane desire to travel.

And I also collect sneakers, in case you were wondering.

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WDYWT (What Did You Wear Today?) - KOBE VII SUPREME Concords - Play Strong

Took these babies out for a spin for the first time yesterday, and I had the hardest time trying to walk and be careful about it. (8 thousand peso shoes will do that to you) I was looking forward to breaking in the pair yesterday but our ABL got canceled due to forfeit. (Chinese New Year, the other team didn’t show)

I’m pretty happy with the fit but it’ll take a few more games before my hobbit-like feet can really feel comfortable wearing these kicks. Now taking these bad boys out to the mall later to get some more mileage in them.